Ontario drivers may see reduction in insurance premiums because of Covid 19

Are You Entitled To A Refund of Your Auto Insurance Premiums?

Auto insurers in Ontario and across Canada have announced that in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic they will be offering significant reductions of drivers’ monthly premiums.  Some insurers are cutting the premiums of all drivers by a fixed percentage while others are requiring insureds to update their current driving habits and reducing premiums on that basis. 

The premise is simple and fundamentally a good news story.  While self-isolating and working from home a huge percentage of drivers are staying off the roads.  With fewer drivers on the roads, there are fewer collisions.  Fewer collisions mean fewer people are injured or killed and fewer vehicles are damaged or written off.  This translates to a significant reduction in claims made to auto insurers. 

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woman accessing employment benefits online in Ontario

Support for Employers and Employees in the Wake of COVID-19

It is trite to say, but we are in an unprecedented time for everyone right now in Canada. For everyone’s safety, businesses are closed and we have been instructed to stay inside and not come within 6 feet of our neighbours. We are seeing big changes in our everyday lives.  Both the federal and provincial governments are being required to respond very quickly to rapidly changing circumstances. One such response that affects a vast number of Canadians is the changes to the laws that govern employers and employees.

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Employment law in Ontario outlines employee rights

What Can You Do After Being Fired Without Cause In Ontario? Your Head Might Be Spinning, But Understanding Your Rights And Your Employer's Obligations Is The First Step Forward.

You arrive at work just like you have every other day for the last ten years. You sit down at your desk and fire up your computer, ready for another super-productive day. Before you get yourself logged in, the boss calls and asks you to come over to her office. You arrive, and seated beside her is the Human Resources director.

They have that certain look on their faces that leads you to think, “Well, this isn’t good.”

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Legal ruling on long-term disability benefits

Important B.C. Case Decides Working Through A Disability Should Not Affect Entitlement To Long-Term Disability Benefits

An important long-term disability case out of B.C. clarifies when a disabled worker will be entitled to disability benefits and answers a number of difficult questions. In the case of Tanious v. Empire Life, 2016 BCSC 110, Justice Brown ruled that just because Ms. Tanious continued to work with her disability, does not mean that she is not entitled to long-term disability benefits. The key issue is the person’s medical condition. As Justice Brown states in his judgment, “…it is the Plaintiff’s medical condition, not whether they are working at the time, which determines to what extent the claimant is disabled.”.

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Sports Injuries are common in winter sports such as ice hockey

When You are Hurt Playing Sports Can You Sue?

Hockey is ubiquitous in Canada and sacred to many Canadians. Adult recreational leagues are in every community of every size. I have played hockey since I was five years old and only stopped a couple of years ago when I was forty-three due the time constraints of being a lawyer and having a young family. But what happens if you are injured in a recreational hockey game due to the conduct of another player, can you sue for your injuries? The short answer is yes. But the devil is in the details. Justice Sally Gomery recently reviewed the law on sporting injuries in the case of Casterton v. MacIsaac, 2020 ONSC 190 (CanLII).

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