Explanation Of Our Fees

At Bonn Law, our goal is to help individuals who have suffered harm and loss from the wrongdoing of others.

Bonn Law primarily represents clients in the areas of personal injury, motor vehicle crashes, insurance disputes, employment law, disability law, institutional negligence, motor vehicle accident benefits and medical malpractice.

Litigation can seem daunting. The law is complex and it costs a lot of money to hire a law firm to sue for what you have lost. Bonn Law does not believe that justice should be reserved only for the wealthy. For most cases, Bonn Law will agree to represent you on a contingency fee basis.

What does this mean to you?

With a contingency fee, Bonn Law will not charge you legal fees unless and until you recover money for your legal case. If you don’t recover any money from your case, you do not pay us fees.

The contingency fee for our work on your case will be based on a percentage of your recovery. This means that our legal fee for your case is tied to your successful outcome of your legal action. Each case is different and we may charge a different percentage depending on the specific facts of each case. Our usual contingency fee for most cases will be in the range of 20 to 30 percent of what the defence agrees or is ordered to pay for damages, interest and costs. However, for the most complicated cases our maximum contingency fee may be 35 percent.

A contingency fee arrangement allows us to help you sue for what you have lost even if you can’t afford to pay for a lawyer. We are determined to fight for our clients and see that justice is done.